Box Buddies

Making your Box Buddy

Mr Chaplin gives a quick video guide to assembling your Box Buddy

Worry Box

We have lots of stories and toys to use as places to safely store our worries or emotions. Think of a way your Box Buddy could be used. You might imagine your Box Buddy coming to life and guiding you to find solutions, or you might consider the Box Buddy to be a Safe that no-one else can open. You could place the Box Buddy on the floor away from you. Write or draw your worries on small pieces of paper and roll each one into a tight ball. Roll of throw the ball at the Box Buddy and see it you can hit it,

Story Teller

Take a really good look at your Box Buddy and think about the expression, the movements it might make, the sort of character it may have. Image what adventure it could have, or the type of story it could be part of. You could act out the story with other toys/objects/Box Buddies. You may want to tell the story in pictures – like a comic book. You could draw each scene or take photos of the Box Buddy to make up the story.

Tiny Steps

When we notice something that we can change, like walking more calmly, or going to bed on time it is good to celebrate it. What helps us change is taking really tiny steps, so that our brain does not feel so stressed about doing things differently. Create a simply line chart on a piece of paper, to show each tiny step you take when making changes. Place the box buddy along the line to show each step you take.

Magic Movement

This challenge is to make the Box Buddy move without touching it with your body. Think about the toys or objects that could help, or even try using your breath. Make a list of the ways that are successful. Long slow breaths can often work, or finding something that slopes.

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